SNES Games
Here is a list of games we are looking for, if you have any of these EMAIL us and we will let you know how much we pay.

Super Mario Allstars
Super Mario Kart
Final Fantasy 2,3
Secret of Evermore
Secret of Mana
Super Metroid
Romance of the 3 Kingdoms - Any
Castlevania IV
Legend of Zelda - Link to the past
The Lion King
Donkey Kong COuntry 1,2,3
Earthworm Jim 1,2
Yoshi's Island
Lufia 1,2
Breath of Fire 1,2
Dr. Mario/Tetris
Genghis Khan 2
Harvest Moon
Kirby Super Star
The Lost Vikings 1,2
Maximum Carnage 2
New Horizons
Ogre Battle
P.T.O. 2
Railroad Tycoon
7th Saga 1,2
Super Mario RPG
Top Gear 2 or 3000
Uncharted Waters
Warriors of Rome 3
Yoshi's Cookie